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Drone Usage in the United States

An unmanned drone

An unmanned drone

Drone technology is on the rise, and the debates are growing. Some believe that drones can be used for evil while others believe that drones help more than hurt. Although drones are capable of invading personal privacy, it’s also true that they can protect and help U.S. citizens in many positive ways.

Drones can kill, cause unintended destruction, and be used to spy. As drones get cheaper to build, their critics get more worried that drone usage will eventually compromise the rights of American citizens. When drones are being used, they can collect information as they fly over people. This includes people’s private life, and police can use the collected information to arrest people who did not know they were being watched. This invasion of private life is so severe, some argue, that it violates the freedom this country advertises.

The critics don’t consider the power of politicians. Domestic drone use can be restricted with specific bills. The use of evidence gathered by a drone can be prevented from appearing in court as evidence. This and other restrictions will prevent the invasion of the personal life. Drones can be rendered harmless and without weapons. This might ease the critics’ minds and help them establish a sense of security by knowing that they cannot be shot on sight. There are also different kinds of drones. Some can help scout forest fires while others can help fertilize or spread pesticide.  Hobbyists enjoy making drones for fun and entertainment while photographers use them to take pictures of breathtaking scenes never before accessible.

Drones can be used to take away freedom to do anything without being watched; however maybe it’s better that Americans are watched. Why should the public be nervous unless they are guilty? The introduction of domestic drones just means that Mom will know who denied eating the last cookie out of the cookie jar.

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