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ASB Elections Decide Next Years Class Officers


President Elect Oday Yousif. Photo courtesy Ashley Dulaney

Over the past few weeks, 20 Valhalla students campaigned for the offices of president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. Posters of the candidates lined the walls of the main building, in hopes of persuading students to elect them for their according offices. After days of campaigning and a re-vote due to a tie between upcoming juniors Stephen Olivier and Michael Salazar for the office of president, the votes were cast and counted.

Michael Torgerson, Stephen Olivier, and Mason Arabo are Valhalla’s winners for senior, junior, and sophomore class president, respectively. Junior president Stephen Olivier says that the voting process is, “very intense, but I’m happy that I won.” “It was a hard fought victory after long hours of campaigning but I’m excited to start planning new activities for the students,” Senior class president Michael Torgerson said. Luciano DiMeglio, Nate Moneda, and Jared Phillips ran unopposed for the position of vice president. Jordan DeGroote, Abigail Metsch, and Katie Gatus are the new secretaries for their respective classes. Finally, Aisling Delaney, Austin Carroll, and Michelle Nguyen won the spot of treasurer for the senior, junior, and sophomore classes.

Class president elects Stephen Olivier and Michael Togerson.  Photo courtesy Ashley Dulaney.

Class president elects Stephen Olivier and Michael Togerson. Photo courtesy Ashley Dulaney.

When asked about his plans for his new position of power, sophomore  president Mason Arabo said, “I want to extend my reach throughout the sophomore class, and I hope to involve the students in the decision making that will affect them.” All other winners share a mutual agreement that they are very excited about their new roles and hope to involve students more in planning activities. Sophomore secretary Katie Gatus plans to, “make the dances more interesting, so more students will attend them, thus giving the school more money.”

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the ASB officers, locate a member of the ASB class in the hallways and let them know.

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