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Pop Culture Takes Over ASB Elections

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Written by Ericka Holzer 

ASB Elections are coming to a close, and it’s no surprise that we’ve been seeing campaigns filled with pop culture references over the past few weeks. From funny memes to unique puns, candidates have plastered the poster boards on campus with creative campaigns in hopes of appealing to their audience and gaining more votes.

Photo provided by Saga Staff

But why do candidates feel the need to appeal to their voters through pop culture? Shouldn’t their leadership abilities be more important to voters than the humor quality of a popular meme?

“Using pop culture in today’s ASB campaigns really helps relate to your audience, especially with all the social media and technology booms”, stated Rachel Shellstrom, who was elected to be Senior Class President for the Class of 2018. “I feel like it adds more of a connection to your audience, especially people who are voting for you.”

However, Shellstrom claims says that sharing her leadership experiences with her voters helped her gain votes, and ultimately win the election.

“I used my experiences in leadership to show them what I have to offer and what makes me the best candidate for this position.”

Photo provided by Saga Staff

Joining Shellstrom as Senior Class Officers are Vice President Mina Asad, Secretary Carol Hanna, and Treasurer Sebastian Aguilar.

Next year’s Junior Class Officers for the 2017-2018 school year are President Sandy Mekany, Vice President Reanna Ibrahim, Secretary Aimee Gatus, and Treasurer Salvatore Lupo.

Hailey Qasawadish was elected to be Sophomore Class President, Angela Botros was elected Sophomore Class Vice President, Ariana Rodriguez will be Sophomore Class Secretary, and Abigail Stallard will be Sophomore Class Treasurer.

The candidates used pop culture to their advantage during this election to relate more to their audience.  Congratulations to next year’s class officers!


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