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Farther than Revenge

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In a new digital age, the act of taking and sharing nudes amongst consenting adults has become somewhat a norm. Through mediums such as Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc, it has become easy for adults to become “intimate” without being in the same room. Hundreds or thousands of miles away, a couple could become intimate through images and videos that they can easily take and share themselves. This is new boundary that we are heading in.

However, not all stories end happily. Sadly, some of these consenting adults have become prey to “revenge porn.” It is the act of sharing explicit material of an ex or current sexual partner to other people without the consent of the partner. Along with the explicit images and videos, it can also contain personal information of the victim. It is done to humiliate and bully the ex. 

Provided by Cyberbullying Research Center

Revenge porn is so successful that it has been the cause of multiple suicides. Countless young men and women have committed suicide because they were a victim of revenge porn. It is not just a San Diegan issue, or an American one. It is a global issue that is taking storm. However, few countries have provided proper legislation to help victims of revenge porn. 

The United States being one of the few. The Senate just passed a bill regarding sextortion and sexploitation. It is designed to help victims of revenge porn sue their predators who have shared their explicit images and videos.

Senate Bill 2907 would carry both civil liability and criminal penalties. The bill is authored by Republican Senator Sally Doty of Brookhaven, MS. If the bill is also passed through the House and signed by the governor, Mississippi will be able to join the other states that already provide adequate protection to revenge porn victims. It is a huge stepping stone for all victims across the United States.

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