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Censorship or Political Correctness?

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On a flight from Atlanta to Allentown, PA, a Trump supporter raised some eyebrows when he began a short rant that included pro-Trump and anti-Clinton phrases at his fellow passengers on the Delta airlines flight. Caught on tape by a fellow passenger, the video gained massive attention through social media. The man is yet to be identified.

Provided by New York Daily News

Provided by New York Daily News

Some of his phrases included: “Donald Trump, baby! We got some Hillary bitches on here?” and “Donald Trump! It’s your president. Every ***** one of you. If you don’t like it, too bad.”

Clearly disruptive and offensive.

Immediately, people took on social media to voice their disconcert of Delta airlines not stopping the flight and escorting the disruptive man out. Four days later, Delta voiced their concern of Flight 248.

Following the criticism that circulated online through the video recorded by a fellow passenger (Emma Baum), Delta airlines made a statement that they banned the man for life for his short-lived rant, and that they will be refunding all the passengers on that Nov. 22 flight.

Granted, Delta airlines are a private company and are free to ban whomever they please. However, that is not my concern. My concern is how we are becoming less of a tolerant nation, where we expect everyone to have the same values and ethics that we do.

The first amendment was not drafted for those who say “please” and “thank you” but for those with foul, impolite mouths that criticize the powerful, rich and mighty. Sure, it may have been uncomfortable to sit on such a flight as a Clinton supporter, but it was not anything so serious that it warrants a life ban.

Are we, as a society, mistaking discomfort for threatening?

The far left is quick to point fingers and scream “oppression” while the alt-right does the same, with just different issues on hand. Whether the issue is white “genocide” or unequal racial diversity in entertainment, the two opposing ideological groups are quick to take offense and to block any differing opinions.

It is okay to criticize rude and disruptive people who waste time and provide an uncomfortable experience for other passengers, however a life ban and full refunds for all the other passengers seems as if Delta airlines kneeled to pressure too quickly.

Freedom of speech is the sweetest liberty and right that Americans reap. We advocate for diversity of race, sexuality and non-conforming genders; it is time to advocate for diversity of thought.

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