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A Trump Presidency

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In a surprising win, Donald Trump became the president elect earlier this week. Many of us have expressed our dislike and likewise, many of us have expressed our happiness and approval of this conclusion. In reality, this is both terrifying for Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives.

Climate change is a fact. 97% of scientists agree than humans have played a direct role in climate change. Consequences of increasing climate change are a rise in sea level, global temperature rise, warming oceans, melting ice sheets and arctic sea ice, glacial retreat, extreme events, ocean acidification, and decreased snow cover. Regardless of opinion, it is very real, it is happening now, and it is a threat to global security.

A survey of 750 climate change experts have agreed that climate change is the largest threat to economic security. It is predicted if our current efforts for climate change relief remains business as usual, it will lead to self destruction; And experts say a Donald Trump presidency will be “game over.” And here is why:

  1. Donald Trump is a climate change denier. Just the fact that a national and international leader and world power denies the factual existence of climate change is dangerous.
  2. Trump plans to leave the Paris Climate Agreement. The only hope we may have to prevent the inevitable destruction from climate change is this organization. It’s aims are to keep climate change within 2 degrees celsius, increase the ability to adapt to climate changes while not ruining our food supply, and to make the economy flow orderly while climate changes occur. Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement is a mistake we cannot recover from to say the least.
  3. Trump has appointed a top climate change denier to lead EPA transition. Trump has appointed Myron Ebell, who is known as a misleader, will reshape current plans and policies for climate change relief, as well as future ones. This will significantly increase the rate at which climate change will affect the environment.
  4. The Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branch are all red. It would be one thing if at least one branch was blue with a Trump presidency, but all three branches are red and likely to pass whatever agenda the Trump administration has planned. Especially with an open seat in the Judicial branch, this can potentially destroy any effort to alleviate climate change.

Climate change is not a matter of opinion. It is not a matter of party affiliation. Climate change does not discriminate. If we continue of this path, it is predicted by the year 2100, temperatures rises by 7 degrees Celsius or 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our current destination is extinction. And it may not happen in our life times, but will indefinitely directly affect the lives of our children, our grandchildren. and all of humanity. The US must lead the path rather than stop to a halt.

This is the number one issue in the United States and the world. And the first step to fixing the issue is belief in facts.

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