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Responses to the New School Year schedule

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The summer for the school year 2016-2017 is the shortest in the Grossmont District . This school year ends on June 16 and starts August 15. This give the students only two months of summer , so naturally, students are upset, but some of them see the good side of this change.

“This means that we get a longer winter break and we get off school earlier next year” stated sophomore Aya

photo credit tothisisforourclass.blogspot.com

photo credit tothisisforourclass.blogspot.com


Some people are not as optimistic as Kareem. Nina Yonadam, a junior at Valhalla, expressed her anger at the decision that would shorten her last summer in high school and ruined her previously set plans for the summer.

The new schedule also raised concerns about the process of applying to college and the deadlines among the upcoming seniors.  ” I am just worried how would that affect the whole college application process,” stated Yonadam.

Others are simply upset because this means less beach time and less time to spend  on Netflix.

You can invest your time doing something productive and beneficial to ensure that no time is wasted, and that you got the most out of the summer.  For example, you can take a community college course, find a summer job, go on a road trip, do volunteer work and many more activities.

Six weeks is not that short, it is 1008 hours of relaxation, so do not worry Norsemen!

About Daniah Kareem

Daniah Kareem is a junior staff writer at Valhalla High School
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