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Saga Archives 2007: Disney Dynasty Destined to Die

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Disney was founded in 1923 by arguably the most creative man of all time, Walt Disney. He had great expectations for what Disney could grow to become. With the popularity of televisions in the 1950s, more channels had started to form and eventually, Disney Channel was created in 1983. Since then, Disney formed it’s own empire in the entertainment industry. Disney Channel is known for their classic TV shows and movies, such as “That’s So Raven”, “Even Stevens”, “Camp Rock”, and many others.

Screen shot 2016-06-09 at 11.47.20 AMMany believe that Disney Channel went downhill after 2012. As Valhalla students got older, they grew to believe that they were too old to watch shows for children. Disney Channel has always targeted children as their audience. Although they make efforts to broaden their shows with modern issues that teenagers face, they have not seemed to be successful. The original Disney Channel always seems to be a part of “90’s kids” hearts though, as Disney started to rerun old shows every week, starting at midnight.

Disney Dynasty Destined to Die by K. Carstensen, Staff Writer (The Raven, Volume I, Issue 1, December 2007)

Disney Channel has always been famous for its feel-good originals. The recent popularity of shows and movies like “Hannah Montana”, “Suite Life of Zack and Cody”, “High School Musical”, and “The Cheetah Girls”, has enabled Disney Channel to overcome its rival Nickelodeon to become the most-watched cable channel in prime time. The television business is very competitive, and Disney Channel is taking full advantage of its current success. The problem is they are pushing it to the limit and they are simply going to end up ruining it.

“We’re all in this together” is the famous phrase from the hit Disney Channel original movie “High School Musical”, which was loved by many people of all ages due to its heart-warming plot and characters. Its popularity led to sequels, soundtracks, concerts, book series, video games, the stage musical, and an ice show. That’s where it went too far. Disney’s sequel and concert tour could have been expected, but an ice show? That is just too much. There continues to be a large fanbase but fallout should be expected. With the premiere of the sequel, you can already see that people are losing interest.

In the same way, the show “Hannah Montana” has generated unbelievable popularity among people of all ages. Disney is promoting it excessively with clothing lines, dolls, two soundtracks, costumes, video games, an upcoming movie, and a sold-out concert tour. Its success seems to soar sky-high, but remember what goes up most must come down.

The overall question is when it will end? The raving popularity of Disney Channel’s new originals is not hurting anyone, but at some point people are going to get tired of it. By the time there is a fourth “High School Musical”, or Hannah Montana’s third world tour, people won’t care anymore, or at least they shouldn’t. It is alright for Disney to enjoy the profit and even take advantage of it, but if the constant promotion of these triumphs continues, they are only going to ruin a good thing. 

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