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Saga Archives 1997: High School Parties Far From Innocent

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The teenage years are often associated with beginning of impulsive decisions. It is often portrayed that teenagers get together with their friends and go to parties where they partake in underage drinking and illegal drug use. This type of party and the actions teenagers tend to do in these type of parties raised concerns in the Valhalla community in 1997 and the Saga community decided to take it upon themselves to investigate this topic and raise awareness of the dangers of partaking in the illegal activities of these parties.


“High School Parties Far From Innocent”  by Staff Writer Erica Longoria, Oct/3/1997  (Volume XXV—issue 2)

Another Friday night rolls around and so does another party.

After hearing the news from their peers, some teens plan to go to meet a few of the opposite sex. Some go because of curiosity. Other teenagers go to get drunk, or high, or even both. High school parties are not innocent, in fact, they can be dangerous and even deadly.

It starts when kegs are purchased and a date is set. At the beginning everyone seems to be having a good time. Guys and girls are talking and dancing. Others are simply mingling.

Then the kegs begin to run low and some start to feel a little queasy from playing a chug-a-lug too many times.

The party seems to be getting lame so the young adults “liven it up” by mixing the alcohol that is already in their system with drugs and/or nicotine from cigarettes.

Instead of the party becoming interesting, it becomes worse. Stomaches start to blow up with sickness. People get green in the face and throw up in the back yard.

“It’s pretty pathetic to watch people hold their stomachs and throw up all over themselves,” said senior Julie Golokow, “Why drink when you look dump doing it?” Many teenagers agree that going to these parties is not only a waste of time, but a hazard to one’s health.

Some kids become very sick after a while. Others are so messed up from the drugs and alcohol that they do not know what is happening and could easily injure themselves, and unfortunately a rape situation can happen.

When the kegs are completely empty and no more drugs are available, teenagers that are drunk or high get into their cars and try to drive home in the condition that they are. This is a challenge that wasted teenagers must accomplish to continue to have that “mister tough” ego.

As they approach their destination at high speed, an accident is likely to occur and an innocent lives can be taken because of the fact that one idiotic person decided to drive under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

Many terrible things can happen not only to the teens that attend the party but also to innocent people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There are many other safer, more productive things one can do besides attending an illegal party such as Family Fun Centre or hanging out with friends at the beach. By opting to partake in these enjoyable alternatives and not going to parties, teens can save themselves a lot of trouble.

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