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Know Your Privileges

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In this day and age many people get caught up in what is definitively determined to be politically correct. It seems that every day in the news so many people are either offended by something or offending others with something. It creates a culture where people become cry bullies, people that take it upon themselves to defend those who seem to be  subjugated upon.


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While it is understandable to want to make sure that people expirence a sense of equality and fair treatment it can sometimes go to an unfair extreme. What the world needs to realize is that violent actions and speech will never change the mind of the public. What is needed to change public opinion is a kind, sound argument.

One of the constantly seen battles is the strife between minority groups and the differing opinion of the majority. This can be seen between in the ideals of a modern feminist and against the male social institution. It is undeniable that women in America do not expirence an exact sense of equality. But when a radical feminist gets public attention by male shaming it sensationalizeses the issue and makes it hard for the whole movement to get total validity

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For example, the most recent hot button topic is regarding public bathrooms. The issue is wether or not transgender people are allowed to use the bathroom that they identify with. Arguments have been made from both sides that could make sense but to an extent it becomes senseless arguing.

What people in this day in age need to do is to know their privelages. People living in America experience a standard of living and equality that is much higher than anywhere else in the world.  Being Valhalla students, we have a school and staff and faculty that is greater than most of the schools in the district. We go to school in Rancho San Diego, which is a safe community where we don’t have to worry about violence.

“People should feel safe in their environment and learn to relax; these conversations are not all that serious,” said senior Sienna Boswick.

Individually, we all need to make sense of our privileges and make sure that we do not exploit our own.  We should try to further the privileges of the marginalized. I know that I have some of the top privileges in our society, being that I am white, male, cis-gender, straight, live in America, born well above the poverty line, educated, and born to a loving family. I need to take it upon myself to make sure that I understand how society views me and how I can change society’s view of others.

Now we all need to be able to sympathize with others and imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes. We live in a society that believes in equality and equal oppertunity and we need to make sure that that right is extended to everyone. But while defending others and trying to commeasure social perception we need to make sure that we are persuasive with a strong, sound argument. Because violence will only perpetuate violence.

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  • Sienna Bostwick

    Nice article, Michael! You handled a topic that affects a great multitude of young adults, and did it in a fashion that consisted of maturity and insight!

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