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Valhalla Kids go to Los Angeles

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On May 26th, Valhalla’s Advanced Placement Art History and English Literature students went on an iconic trip to the Norton Simon Museum in Old Pasadena. The majority of the students were juniors, with a few seniors and sophomores.

Provided by NortonSimon

Provided by NortonSimon

The field trip was chaperoned by two teachers and two parents: Laura Allen, Roberta Arnold, and two parents.

The trip was organized by Allen to provide a fun and enlightening experience for her students. The trip was financed through fundraising from the Advanced Placement Enrichment Club, student donations and previous funds from the AP Enrichment Club.  

Provided by 10best

Provided by 10best

Despite the long drive to Los Angeles, students were full of excitement to arrive at the Norton Simon museum. The trip was extremely satisfying for the majority of the students that went. 

The museum had many Rembrandts, van Goghs, Renoirs, etc. Many of the artwork’s of great value, considering the collection of artists.

“I liked the trip a lot and I’d say the best aspect of it was that I got to see some works by artists that we actually studied in art history this year. It was awesome being able to connect different pieces of art to different art movements based on what I learned in class,” said senior Jared Phillips.

After the museum, the students were allowed to wander freely in Old Town of Pasadena, free to explore the scenery, food trucks, beauty shops, and exquisite restaurants.

Overall, the trip to the Norton Simon Museum was a wonderful experience for the students who got to witness priceless artworks firsthand.

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