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Dangerous Woman Review

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On May 20, Ariana Grande released her anticipated junior album, “Dangerous Woman.” Debuting at number two on the new Billboard 200 with 175,000 copies sold, “Dangerous Woman” is considered a hit.

The album cover is one of the worst covers I’ve laid eyes on. With a bunny latex mask, Ariana stares stupidly

Photo courtesy: How ugly the album cover is.

Photo courtesy: How ugly the album cover is.

into the camera. With additional black and white filters, the cover is distasteful and looks like a joke. “I think it’s weird, and I don’t even think that it’s aesthetically pleasing or artistic, it’s just weird, seems unnecessary, and makes me uncomfortable,” said senior Lauren Adkins. “Is that really what it is? I thought someone had photoshopped the mask on. I feel that it’d be better without it, but she looks pretty,” said senior Emily Howard

“Dangerous Woman” doesn’t seem to be a huge step forward for Grande. Many of the songs sound like songs from her sophomore album, “My Everything.” However, that does not make “Dangerous Woman” a poor album.

The opening track, “Moonlight,” is a slower song, and is similar to her track, “My Everything,” from her sophomore album. The song sounds almost like a lullaby. Grande’s vocals are very soft in the verses, and powerful in the pre-chorus and chorus. “Moonlight” is a pleasant, opening to the album. This track has become a favorite from the album.

My favorite track, “Into You” starts off soft and slow. It proceeds to build up instrumentally and vocally into a powerful catchy, chorus. The chorus following the bridge is fantastic with the added echos and runs Grande sings in the background.

“Greedy,” a fan favorite, features the classic Ariana Grande sound found in her first album. Accompanied by horns, and a nice beat, it is no surprise “Greedy” is loved. “I think that song has a nice funk feel and her vocal performance is amazing,” said senior Devin Doss.

I do not like “Everyday,” or “Side to Side.” These two tracks are just unappealing. The chorus in “Everyday”

Photo courtesy:

Photo courtesy:

just sounds like noise, and the reggae sounds in “Side to Side” just doesn’t fit Ariana’s vocals.

The rest of the songs on the album aren’t necessarily great, or bad, they’re mediocre.

Overall, I am not a big fan of “Dangerous Woman,” there are not as many stand out tracks that her sophomore album had in my opinion. There are a few tracks in this album that I really enjoy, but for the most part, it seems like a step backward for Grande.

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