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Saga Archives: 2010, “The Saga is going online!”

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At 2010, the Super Bowl XLIV in the game between Florida between and New Orlean Saints and the Indianapolis Colts was played, the Saints winning. In 2010, Apple revealed the revolutionary iPad in April. President Obama finally declared an end to U.S combat operations in Iraq on March 23. On April 20, the Gulf of Mexico was flooded with 185 million gallons of oil killing 11 engineers and thousands of sea creatures. Toy Story 3 was finally released on July 18, after a decade of waiting. Scientists in Utah finally finished analyzation and naming of their enormous discovery of the fifteen horned dinosaur, in September, naming it Kosmoceratops. On August 19, the catchy song, “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green was released, holding the number two position of Billboard’s music charts for twenty nine weeks straight. On January 12, Haiti was devastated with a massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake at the start of January. Sadly, the amount of casualties reached to an overwhelming 316,000 lives.

On a lighter note, Valhalla Saga will be changing once again. As of 2010, the Valhalla Saga transformed from a paper based newspaper to an online newspaper. Once again, Saga will be transforming and slowly developing along the CTE (Career Technical Education) program. SAGA will now be a grade level based class where juniors find themselves in a multimedia class, and seniors in a similar yet advanced placement of the multimedia class. It creates an ability for a student to gain the ‘F’ fulfillment in the A-G college requirements. In your junior year you will be developing multimedia pieces such as podcasts and informational videos, where seniors will relatively be doing the same thing but in a higher advancement.

Just like the change implemented in 2010, Saga will be transforming in hopes to improve its quality among the student body. Although the change will seem foreign to the current staff, it opens many doors of opportunity for the Saga.


The SAGA is going online! by M. Winkie, Editor-In-Chief (Volume XXXVII, Issue 1, December 2010)

Decisions are like beds-you have to make them. Some are easy to make- like, say,a sleeping bag. But others are far more difficult, like M.C Escher’s bed, which is actually just a bed, inside another bed, inside another bed…

Fortunately, the decisions to take the Saga online wasn’t too difficult. In fact, it sort of became obvious at the beginning of this current school year, for a number of reasons. We felt that it just made sense-in the context if the school, and in the context of the staff. We don’t like saying goodbye to a physical paper, but with popular media evolving every day, it sort of seemed inevitable. 

However, the most persuasive argument to take our paper online came from a man by the name of Mr.Budget Cuts (or Mr.Cuts, for short). Now initially, we didn’t really appreciate Mr.Cuts presence at The Saga- he was esoteric, intimidating, and frustratingly hard to reach. However, we learned to accept him- and his irritating ways-and have come to realize that going online isn’t such a bad idea after all.

 There were a few hesitations, of course. One of the first dilemmas we faced was whether or not people were actually going to read. The Saga if we put it online. For those unaware of the newspaper industry and its practices, one of the most important goals in any publication is to actually have people read the things you’re writing. Just remember the old slogan: “If it ain’t getting talk, it ain’t worth squat.” Whether or not that quote was made up in the last five seconds is irrelevant- it’s still true. Fortunately we have confidence that if we build it, they will come (“it” being the website, and “they” being you.) The new format will arrive with dozens of perks, most notably the ability to update frequently without spending money. We cannot stress how pivotal that is, as we have grown tired of reporting things that happened weeks ago. It’s counterproductive.

The internet also blesses us with the gift of interconnectivity. The Saga has always tried to foster student participation, but in recent years the number of comments and criticism has grown tepid. We hope that the online format will coax a greater interest in The Saga by staying connected with the students through Facebook, if the district allows us. Just don’t tag us in unflattering photos.

Suffice to say, this may be the last physical issue of The Saga for quite some time. Until we get the wherewithal to continue producing hard copies, we’ll have to stay on the web. But don’t fret! This certainly isn’t the last issue. It just might be a while before the next one drops. The Senior Class issue will certainly be produced.

So enjoy! It’s been a slightly bumpy road so far, but things are settling down. The online Saga will be up and running in the early New Year. Stay tuned…

See the full issue here!


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