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Prom: A Night to Remember

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Photo courtesy elle.g photography

El Cortez outdoor courtyard. Photo courtesy elle.g photography

On May 14, Valhalla had their forty-second annual prom.

This year’s theme was masquerade and it was a hit among the senior class. The theme allowed for the dance to be classy and simple. The decorations had a formal flair and nothing looked cheesy or cliche.

In the outside area there were different game tables such as blackjack, roulette, and poker, which were popular with the seniors.

The biggest hit of the night was the chocolate fountain. Every person at the dance visited the table full of desserts and assortments to dip inside of the fountain of chocolate majesty. “Chocolate fountain and strawberries became my best friend,” said senior Michelle Nguyen.

Indoors there was a room for dancing with a DJ, lights, and gogo boxes to dance on.

Photo courtesy John Murad

A group of seniors before the dance. Photo courtesy John Murad

Kevin Smith and Maya Fielding were crowned prom king and queen after a week of nominations and voting by the senior class.

After the night was over, seniors realized how fun and played back prom actually is and how unnecessary it is to stress out about it. “I wish I [hadn’t] spen[t] so much time, money, stress, and effort,” said senior Katie Gatus.

Valhalla’s prom was so nice, even other school’s’ students wished they were there. “I wish I went to Valhalla and could participate,” said Steele Canyon senior Halee Newman after seeing posts from Valhalla’s prom on various social media platforms.

The El Cortez (photo courtesy Mason Arabo)

The El Cortez. Photo courtesy Mason Arabo

Overall the night was extremely successful and extremely enjoyable. Great job to the senior class officers, admin, finance, and senior class advisor for planning a nice night for the class of 2016.

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