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Money in Baseball

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With no salary cap Major League Baseball players are getting paid more and more. Zack Greinke recently signed a contract per 6 year 206.5 million dollars with the Arizona Diamondbacks,this make him the second highest paid player this year. Baseball players are getting paid more and more every season, which makes some team with more money more able to dominate the league in today’s MLB.

The top 3 teams with the highest payrolls in the MLB are the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, and  Boston Red Sox, which makes sense because of their stacked roster. These teams are called big city market teams and they tend to sign players for a lot of money even if the player is out of his prime. An example of this is when the Dodgers  traded for outfielder Carl Crawford from the Red Sox and now are stuck paying him 21.75 million this year.

Photo courtesy of mlb.com

Photo courtesy of mlb.com

He is ranked the 21st highest paid player in MLB. This year his average is .203,  he has no home runs, and 6 RBI’s. For that amount of money the Dodgers are paying him you would expect way better stats. This happens a lot in baseball because long term contracts are getting more relevant  in MLB, but when you sign a player you are always taking a risk. In 2014 Marlin outfielder Giancarlo Stanton signed a lucrative 13 year 325 million dollar deal with the Marlins, but he will have an option to opt out of his contract after the sixth season. How the Major league teams pay for these huge deals is from TV deals, merchandise sales, licensed deals, and stadium revenues.

These allows teams with a bigger fan base and bigger markets to make more money and sign better players in free agency. The New York Yankees right now are estimated to be worth 3.4 billion dollars, this includes the stadium and their team. The MLB does take 27% of the whole league revenues and splits it with all 30 MLB teams which helps to give money to smaller market teams. MLB teams are getting richer, which will lead to bigger contracts in America’s pastime baseball. Forbes magazine said “Though MLB may be losing its grip nationally,business has never been better. “Yeah contracts are getting out of control people are getting payed like over 210 million plus,”  says Sophomore Nick Meram.

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