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Harriet Tubman for the $20

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Andrew Jackson has long been the face of the twenty dollar bill. It is tradition that former presidents grace the fronts of paper bills with the exceptions of Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton. It has been a week since the US treasury announced that Jackson will be leaving the front of the $20 bill.  

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The time has come, it is time to say goodbye to the frontal Jackson bill. Harriet Tubman will be the one to replace Jackson’s face. She is the heroic African American women who smuggled hundreds of slaves to freedom. It is a very drastic change between the two, however it is a change for the better.

While Andrew Jackson is not necessarily leaving the twenty bill, he will  just be sharing it with Tubman. On the back. The situation is quite ironic considering Jackson was a slave-owner.

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A similar situation is happening with Alexander Hamilton’s 10 bill. The musical “Hamilton” helped save Hamilton’s spot on the front of the ten dollar bill.

However, the women’s suffrage movement will be celebrated on the back of the Hamilton bill which will come to include the famous women who bravely fought for their right to vote. 

The new currency will be introduced in 2020, marking a centennial year for women’s suffrage. This new change is to celebrate the positive changes that women and African Americans have done to help the country as a whole.

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