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Saga Archive 2006, “Who’s your rival?”

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In the 2006, Italy won the World cup defeating Germany, Nasa launched the New Horizon Probe and Barry Bonds broke the all time Major League home run record hitting his 715th home run. California also had their worst heat wave in recent history with temperatures reaching 115 degrees for one to two weeks. At Valhalla ASB got a revamped  classroom and Ryan Cole and Trevor Polischuk were the editor and chiefs of Saga.

(Who’s your rival by A.Lei and A.Perez, Staff writer) (Issue: Snapshots) ( June 2 2006)

For 32 years, Granite Hills High School, has been Valhalla High School’s fierce competitor; however, with Steel Canyon High School only 4 miles away, Valhalla is now caught in the middle of an complicated relationship. With SCHS now in the picture, it is only natural for students to turn their attention to this new enemy. SCHS, according to some, is now Valhalla’s “official” rival due to geographical location and the fact many students from both high schools attended the same middle schools. Different loyalties with a similar past generally lead to a volatile relationship. Many agree. Steele and Valhalla have become “natural rivals,” according to football coach and Valhalla alumnus Dave Hosteler.  Although it may seem unfair to jump ship 32 years into a school’s history, the question of who Valhalla’s rival should be presents a quandary. With the improvement of SCHS’s sports, the students in Jamul are focused and determined to “beat Valhalla” in everything they do. Some feel that Steele has made itself the ” official rival” simply by forcing itself into their position. Still, some students see it differently. In a poll conducted by the SAGA, one hundred students grades 9-12, were asked who they believed Valhalla’s true rival was and which school they respected more. The results were surprising. Although 58% of students proclaim Granite as Valhalla real rival, they tended to display higher respect for the Eagles. Only 26% of students respected Steele more than Granite and only 42% saw Steele Canyon as Valhalla’s rival. Still, some students felt strongly about that decision. “It seems that SCHS is a bigger rival just because a lot of us went to the same middle school,” said junior Smith Yin. Others would rather hold on to the traditional Granite Hills rivalry, arguing that Valhalla’s rival has been Granite, is Granite and will always be Granite. Students seem opposed and confused amidst this complicated hate triangle, but Valhalla situation is one of unique circumstances. Having two foes might seem like a bit much, but Valhalla’s rivalry quandary will eventually resolve itself. It will ultimately be the students who decide. Students must soon face the ultimate question: a cougar or an eagle? Either way, it will be the valiant Norsemen who hunts it, then guts it. Rivalries are funny things. They can cause High Schools to brawl, separate old time middle school buddies and help motivate school to try harder. They can also bring about the healthy sectionalist pride that is necessary for any high school.

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