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AP Testing Period Coming Up

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Advanced Placement exams are just around the corner.

Courtesy of ICMbearfacts

Courtesy of ICMbearfacts

The AP tests are available to order for everyone, and they cost $92 each. Valhalla has several AP classes this year: Statistics, Calculus, Choir, Art History, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Biology, World History, U.S. History, Government, 10th grade Language and Literature.

AP students are not the only ones that could take the AP exams beginning in May. The full list of exams are available to all students.

The first AP exam starts with chemistry on May 2nd and the testing period does not end until Statistics finishes on May 12th.   

Courtesy of TheRogueNews

Courtesy of TheRogueNews

Chemistry, Environmental Science and Psychology are all on the same day of May 2nd. Calculus is on May 3rd. English literature is on May 4th. Spanish language is on May 5th. U.S. history and studio art are on May 6th which brings an end to the first week of testing.

The second week of AP testing starts with biology and physics are on May 9th. U.S. government is on May 10th. English language is on May 11th. World history and statistics finish off the testing period, on May 12th.

Valhalla librarian Stephanie Macceca also has links to AP test prep courses that would be helpful to current AP students. Valhalla library is a great source for all the information that AP students would need to prepare for the upcoming exams in May.

For some extra help, here is the link to the AP test prep:


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