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The History Of Valhalla

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Valhalla High School opened its doors in 1974 and is still open today in 2016. However, Valhalla began much earlier than that. This “orange school” has always been unique since the first proposal.The founders of the school had envisioned a much more different high school than all of the others in the district. Valhalla has become much more meaningful than our vibrant orange and sparkling white – with all of the creative ideas of current and previous staff, the dedication and spirit of the students, and even the essence of the Norse mythology. Valhalla is much more than just an ordinary high school. Throughout the years, Valhalla has definitely had its improvements, whether it be in the circular building, academics, athletics, or the growing spirit of the mighty Norsemen. The unity and spirit of the Norsemen is known as the legacy of Valhalla.

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