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Tips on Surviving the Post-High School Life

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Seniors! The clock is ticking and graduation is almost here. Being an adult is a pretty terrifying thing. What you decide to do can impact you for the rest of your life. To help Valhalla’s Norsemen conquer the world after they graduate and always keep the positive spirit, Saga went around campus and asked Valhalla’s staff members to share what they learned growing up into their adult lives and offer graduating seniors some guidance.

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We got the tips from Michelle Norby, Stephanie Sellers, Ruben Manjares, Esther Han, and Tom Pew.

The following is a compilation of advice from the staff members mentioned above:

1. Graduating high school is not the end of your journey, it is just the beginning. High school is just a short period of your life that is about to end. So be curious, experience with different stuff and know that you will always have place for growth.

2. Know that things will always work out. No matter how much you struggle with life and how many times you fall always know that things will be the way they are meant to be. One day you will wake up and realize that, it might take time, but it will happen.

3. Have a certain goal in mind. Go to the adult world knowing what you want, because if you don’t work on achieving it right from the start you will miss the bus. And once you miss the bus in the adult world, it is really hard to get to your destination.

4. Manage your finances. Don’t fall in debt while you are young, make sure to look for any saving opportunities, and HAVE A SAVINGS ACCOUNT! Saving accounts help you make money while you are saving them.


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5. Be a good listener. Many adults let their pride stand in the way of them learning new things and get help from wiser and more successful people. Listen more, talk wisely. Make sure that when you talk, you talk sophisticatedly about something you are well educated about.

6.  Know what you are getting yourself in. Study the opportunities offered to you thoroughly and make sure you know the benefits and consequences of the deals you get in.

7. Compare you to you. In your life you will run into many people that are more successful than you and others that are less successful than you. The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself the day before. Aspire to get higher than were you were. Your progress is different than others’ and you will eventually get to your destinations at your own pace.

8.  Continue learning. Most people stop aspiring for getting smarter after school, this makes them become dull and kills their spirit. Learn new skills, join different classes and learn and teach.

9. Just have fun. Life is such a precious gift for those who know its worth. It is about the experiences and memories. Go sky diving, take risks and always aspire for the higher and the things that keep you alive.

10. And please, don’t end up in jail.

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