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Valhalla’s Indeed Got Talent

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On Friday, March 4 Valhalla hosted its annual Valhalla’s Got Talent show in the gym. Parents, friends and family of Valhalla students emerged to support the contestants. The Norsemen killed it with magical performances ranging from comedy to vocal performances.

The contest was overseen by three judges. Despite the huge number of talented contestants the judges,Eric Thomas, Syliva Ibrahim, and  Monica Zasueta had to choose three winner to entitle as Valhalla’s most talented students.

Photo Credit: Daniah Kareem

The third place went to  senior Ali Wafeeq, who captured the attention of the audience and the judges with traditional middle eastern guitar melodies. Junior Malena Somo came in the second place with her singing performance. Sophomore Lexia Namou and freshmen Natalie Sako won the first place on their duet. Winners were promised to receive their prizes on the morning of Monday March 7 in T27.

People  showed appreciation for the event for the good influence it has on students and the school in general. Especially participants who saw an opportunity for success and recognition in such an event. Junior Suzzette Montoya sang as her performance. ” We have a lot of hidden talents in this school, and events like this help those hidden talents emerge from their shells and gain recognition,” said Montoya.

Credit goes to Daniah Kareem

Photo Credit:  Daniah Kareem

Teachers and judges showed the same appreciation to the talents the contest revealed. ” It is nice to see another aspect of students’ lives outside of the class,” stated judge Eric Thomas. He was very surprised to seen one of his students perform with such passion and talent, something he did not think about or expect out of this student.

Judges appreciated all the contestants and declared that the biggest challenge they faced was choosing only three contestants out of the sea of  talented students that auditioned.

” Valhalla has more talent than any other school, academically, athletically, and talently,” said Thomas.

Valhalla’s Got Talent is just the beginning for all the talented Valhalla students in the long and promising future they have. Valhalla’s Norsemen deserve this opportunity because they proved that they are indeed talented.

About Daniah Kareem

Daniah Kareem is a junior staff writer at Valhalla High School

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    Great article! perfect summarizing of what happened at the event.

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