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Bernie Sanders: Not the Hero We Deserve but the Hero We Need

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Bernie Sanders, the self proclaimed “democratic socialist” has gone from a virtually unknown senator of Vermont to the lime light.

Last year, Sanders announced his running for president and has had a long and difficult road. He has now reached the point in which he ties if not surpasses Clinton in national democratic polls. But a common issue is that voters still do not believe he can win. The question looming on their minds: How can a socialist win against the career politician, Hillary Clinton.

provided by theodysseyonline

provided by theodysseyonline

The truth is, Sanders is not behind Clinton and it is currently anybody’s race. Sanders deserves the American vote.

To begin with, his idea of democratic socialism is new and modern. And it works. Places such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland are all amongst democratic socialist governments and are known as the “happiest” countries on the planet. Additionally, according to CNN, Norway is the most prosperous country in the world, Denmark is third, Sweden is fourth, and Finland is ninth. The state of Vermont follows in their path as it is ranked number 19 in household income with an average of $52, 776 in 2014.

Sanders is the only true advocate for human rights. He has had a consistent pro-LGBTQ, pro-civil rights, pro-equality stance since the 70’s. In fact, in 1983 he supported Burlington’s first ever Pride Parade during his time as Mayor. Sanders is not only attaining support increasingly from figures such as movie stars but major political and civil rights leader support such as Cornel West.

provided by abc7chicago

provided by abc7chicago

Sanders is our best advocate against big corporations. While the Republican Party is virtually sponsored and bought by corporations like the Koch brothers and Hillary Clinton is no different because she is so heavily sponsored by Goldman Sachs. Sanders has no Super Pac and most of his donations are from families and people just like you and I. Sanders has raised over $26 million and has had the most individual contributions to his campaign than any candidate EVER. He has attained 3,022,945 in individual contributions. Sanders plan includes ending off shore tax havens and subsidies to big businesses in order to end unfair benefits to big businesses.

Sanders is a great advocate for doing something about climate change and often says it is the“great planetary crisis we now face.” Climate change is the largest problem we face as a society. There is overwhelming evidence for climate change and we see this in our everyday lives. Whether it is the super hot days, suddenly super cold days, ice caps melting, etc. If nothing is done about climate change we as a species will eventually perish as our ability to sustain ourselves become increasingly more difficult.

Provided by Reddit

Provided by Reddit

Bernie Sanders in currently leading a political revolution of clean, honest politics this country needs. “He cares about the needs of the people,” said senior Devin Doss. Sanders is nationally ahead of the race and blows every Republican candidate out of the water. The only thing stopping him from winning is the “he’s probably not going to win” mentality. Young adults and people of all ages: If you want a better America, go vote for Bernie Sanders.

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