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Hip Hop Night at Helix Featuring Valhalla

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Helix Charter High School is hosting a dance performance on Friday, February 26 and Saturday 27, at 7 PM, and is located at
Helix High School Main Stage. You can purchase tickets online at, pre-sale tickets are $7. At the door tickets are $10.oo each, cash only.

Performers include: Helix ASPIRE Tap, Jibe Dance Studio, The Dancehouse, The Rhythm Kingz of Monte Vista, Helix Dance Program, La Mesa Arts Academy, Point Loma High School, The Origin, and Valhalla High School. Katie Pipes, dance teacher at Helix, says, ¨The reason I created this event is to bring the community together. There are so many great dance programs in the San Diego area and I want my students to see what everyone else is doing and be inspired!¨

Shauni Whyte, dance teacher at Valhalla, said it took them, “two weeks to be totally be prepared.” Both advanced dance and intermediate dance are both performing that night. The advanced Valhalla dance performance will be showy, upbeat, and full of modern moves. While the intermediate dance will be slower and more of a story telling type dance.

“Honestly, what I’m looking forward to most is meeting new dancers,” says junior, Amado Nunez, a future performer at Hip Hop Night.

Whyte said she “hopes to collab more,” so encourage this merger and go either night to support Valhalla and all the other dance programs.

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