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Academic League on TV

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The Valhalla academic league recently played a recorded match against El Capitan High School, which will be broadcast on February 25 and March 3 at 7 pm on ITV. Academic League is a competition that tests the brightest minds of the Grossmont Union High School District. Students answer various questions in order to score points. The team that scores the most points win the game.

photo courtesy of Nick Van Orden

Photo courtesy of Nick Van Orden

“It’s like Jeopardy having people pitted against other people using their own knowledge,”  says coach Lisa Collins.

Collins meets with her competitors at lunch on Monday through Thursday, with competitions every Wednesday against other high schools. The varsity team is in 3rd place in the district with a 7-2 record this season.

Matches are led by a moderator and last 30 minutes. The moderator asks a toss-up question that is worth three points, which leads into a bonus question that is worth up to 5 points. If a team answers the toss-up incorrectly they will lose one point allowing the other team to answer with no penalty.

Recently Valhalla’s Varsity team played the El Capitan  Vaqueros on recorded television.  The starters for this match were: Spencer Nussbaum, Pierce Mitchell, Jared Phillips, Jason  Nan, and their team captain, Mark May.

The team got a significant lead early on with May answering various history and literature questions. But El Capitan caught up by using their faster buzzer skills, surpassing Valhalla’s score. The score at the second time out was 40 El Capitan and 29 Valhalla.

Photo courtesy of Nick Van Orden

Photo courtesy of Nick Van Orden

The teams had very close scores throughout the match, but Mitchell’s talent in math gave Valhalla the edge they needed to regain their lead near the end.

The Norsemen were able to pull ahead at the end and win with a score of 87-79.




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