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Valhalla Gives Back

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Throughout the week of April 5-9, Valhalla will be organizing a week of awareness on how to give back to our local imagescommunity. Valhalla ASB will be hosting a dress up week to promote the event. Local businesses and organizations will be selling and promoting their items to the people who attend during the festival.

Week-long activities also lead up to the 5k run and a festival that includes non-profit organizations, local businesses, and other family friendly attractions on Saturday, April 9. A few clubs from Valhalla will be hosting their own booths at the fair. The 5k run is in memory of our own, Toni Gutierrez, former VHS Secretary. The purpose of the week of activities is to show the many local businesses that form our community and make up how great it is. The festival will be open to the entire community.

Most of the proceeds raised in the 5k run will be put towards the track team but some proceeds will go to other sports Valhalla offers. The run will be starting at 9 AM followed by the festival from 10 AM to 1 PM . ASBimgres will also be selling shirts in efforts for promotion. On the back of the shirt there will be list of local sponsors will be printed.

“We hope for many people to show up,” says ASB President Stephanie Marcos,” and we hope for more companies and businesses to join us on that day.”

A variety of booths from foods to games will be available at the fair. We hope for a big turnout from our Norsemen and people of the community to attend!

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Comments (2)

  • Rachel

    I love the ‘Valhalla Gives Back’ article! I am so excited for everyone to enjoy the festivities! Thank you Saga for helping us spread the word!

  • Rachel

    I love the ‘Valhalla Gives Back’ article! I am so excited for everyone to enjoy the festivities!

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