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Tips for Surviving Second Semester

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On January 21, all Valhalla students breathed a sigh of relief. First semester finals were over and a three day weekend was upon them. January 25, the beginning of second semester, came with a fresh start and promises of a great ending to the school year. However, in order to keep up with the last couple months of school, here are some tips to help Valhalla students survive second semester.

  1. Ask for Help- It is important to ask for help when needed. Teachers at Valhalla are open to questions and truly want to help their students understand. Many are not only available during class, but at nutrition break, lunch, and during their prep periods. Valhalla offers other opportunities to receive help. Tutoring is available in the library for different subjects on different days and many Valhalla students are willing to tutor those who need help in their classes. If a student needs help, just ask, there are plenty of opportunities.
  2. Keep up with Homework- In order to do just as well, or better this semester, it is important to keep up with homework and other assignments. Procrastination is a major cause of high school stress and lower grades. This semester, in order to raise grades, keep up with all assignments, even the ones that are not worth many points.

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    Every point helps. To do this, it is wise to invest in a planner. “I keep a planner where I write down my assignments for each class,”said senior Monica Magdaleno, ” I also use folders for each class.” This helps Magdaleno stay organized, as well as keeps her backpack light. By doing this, students can keep track of all the homework they have for each class and make sure it gets done.

  3. Study- While it is important to do homework and other assignments, the majority of students grades come from tests. In order to keep grades up, students must regularly study for upcoming tests and quizzes. Some of the best ways to study are by reviewing notes, using flashcards, and going over practice questions. Make practice tests or study guides with friends and quiz each other. Anything that helps to review the material.
  4. Remember to Have Fun- While students main goal in school is to receive an education, it is important to have fun while in high school. High school is considered the best time of our lives, so make sure to try new things. Go out for different sports and clubs, hang out with friends, go to different sporting events and dances, anything that makes memories.

Balance is key in high school. It is important to focus on grades and classes, yet equally important to have fun and make memories with friends. These tips will help Valhalla students survive not only second semester, but the rest of their high school career.


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