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Best Holiday Lights

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Around this time of year streets around San Diego cover the night with decorative lights. In order to get into the holiday spirit, make a stop by at these streets to check out the decorations.

  1. Photo by Starlight Circle Facebook

    Photo by Starlight Circle Facebook

    A good place to start is the lights in Santee. Located on Starlight Circle, this street pulls out all the stops to decorate the whole area. The houses are lit with lights and many have themed cutouts of famous characters decorating their yard. In addition to the lights, houses sell homemade kettle corn, apple cider, hot chocolate, and cookies.

  2. Another great place to see lights are in Point Loma. Off of Rosecrans, the “Garrison Street Lights” put up displays in their front windows. Scenes depicts nativity displays, santa, and a range of Christmas favorites. The decorations are located up and down Garrison St and Chatsworth.
  3. A little closer to home is Pepper Drive Lane or Jingle Bell Hill. Every year the street goes all out with lights and displays. The street gets really backed up since so many people drive down the street to enjoy the lights. This
    Photo by Balboa Park

    Photo by Balboa Park

    allows for a nice, slow way to enjoy the scene.

  4. Lastly, if streets and house displays are not your thing, head on down to Balboa Park. After Balboa Park’s December Nights, the park continually stays decorated for the season. The zoo is decorated and has special events going on for the holidays. The entire park has decorations, both near the museums, the Organ Pavilion, and around the surrounding areas.

The holiday season is perfect for spending time with friends and family. In order to get into the holiday spirit, gather up friends and family and look at all the lights the city has to offer.

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    I think this article is amazing because if you read this and were confused about where to go this gives you many options because that is what articles are about i like the holidays especially christmas getting together with my family is the best even though they are a pain they still love me as much as i love them this article would definitely get you in the mood for holiday spirit because it is so close that you will just relax and think about what it will be like on christmas this year and start counting down the days until christmas slowly waiting and waiting and waiting…………………

  • Briana Quezon

    I love to look at Christmas lights!

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