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Valhalla Band Steals the Heart of the Audience

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On Friday, December 4, Valhalla band hosted its annual winter instrumental concert at St Luke Church, in El Cajon. Tons of parents and other students emerged to the church’s hall to watch the band perform and they were not disappointed.

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Band kids posing for the camera. Photo courtesy of  Daniah Kareem

The concert lasted for three hours, each band got 30 minutes of performance time and was directed by Carol Reed. The advanced string orchestra opened the concert and performed with intensity that stole the hearts of the audience. After that the band performed their soft harmonies like “Boriou” and “I Hear the Bells.”

” The mood is really important with orchestra and band concerts, it is your bond with the audience” said freshmen Emma Schibuola, a member of advance orchestra.

There was also a competition for who guessed the tone correctly. The band played their piece and the director chose a note of the piece that the audience had to guess. The award was a basket with a bottle of wine and sweets. Two female Valhalla students guessed right and won the basket without the wine due to the fact that they are still underage.


Photo courtesy of Daniah Kareem

The band has been preparing for this concert for months. “We’ve been practicing since September, we played everyday. We have to be prepared mentally and physically for performances like this,” said junior Cameron Bruff, and a violin player in band.

The expectations may have been high but Valhalla band rarely ever disappointing. Many parents Laura Bruff expressed their satisfaction and enjoyment of the performance profusely.

The performance also reflected how cohesive and professional the band department is. “Band is not as geeky as people think, it is very supportive and we all work as a family, and performances like this prove that,”stated Schibuola.

The concert was an overall success and an excellent example of the talent and hard work the Valhalla band program contains.

The next band performance is on December 17 in Disneyland.


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Daniah Kareem is a junior staff writer at Valhalla High School

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