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A New Direction

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One Direction’s first album without former band member Zayn Malik was released on Friday, November 13.

Photo courtesy of One Direction

Photo courtesy of One Direction

The album, Made In The A.M., is completely different from anything they have ever made before. There are seventeen songs to the album and each one has a unique sound.

All five band members used different inspirations for this album and it is evident in the songs. “What a Feeling” is very obviously inspired by Fleetwood Mac, as confirmed by band member Louis Tomlinson in an interview. Their song “Olivia” is also heavily influenced by The Beatles.

Photo courtesy of Twitter.

Photo courtesy of Twitter.

They released several songs from the album as singles during the days leading up to the album release. In the week leading to the release, they released one song each day to hype up fans and get them excited.

This album is said to be their best one yet. “I do think this is their best album to date,” said the band’s mentor and creator, Simon Cowell, on twitter.

It includes four ballads, and the rest of the songs are relatively chill with a slow beat, but still have a pop-y feel to it.

“I like ‘End of the Day’ because throughout the song the rhythm changes, which is getting less and less popular in today’s pop music,” said senior Emily Howard after being asked which song on the album was her favorite.

The slower songs still have the ability to pump a listener up without the song being complete bubblegum pop — like former albums have been.

“‘Made In The A.M’. is the best album of 2015,” said senior Mikayla Mendoza, “‘A.M.’ is my favorite song because it shows anyone who’s listened that they are growing up… and it has a bad word in it, which is really fun to yell while in the car.”

Overall the album has been a huge hit with the fans and continues to grow. The album is currently #1 in the UK and #2 in the US. One Direction has revealed how mature they truly were with this new album and seem to have shown that they may be better off without Zayn.

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