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Anti-Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day obviously isn't for everyone.

Valentine’s Day…you either love it, or hate it. In this case…I have to say I hate it. It’s not that I hold a belief that love does not exist, or that people should not express their feelings for each other, but I believe it is just another excuse for people to participate in a greedy society that finds pleasure in spending money and living a life of extravagance.

Valentine’s Day is a European holiday established in memory of the death of Saint Valentine, which occurred around C.E. 270…how many Americans, let alone anybody, know that? Pretty much none. And how many people does this death even affect? None again.

Our society has transformed this commemoration to a day involving chocolates crammed in giant heart shaped boxes, candy hearts that express people’s feelings for each other, bouquets of fresh flowers begging for forgiveness, and pounds of jewelry that are easily unaffordable. You know what that means…money, money, money. Realistically speaking, there is absolutely no need for this holiday. “But we need it to dedicate a day to our significant other!” some might say. Take a second to think about it…do people really need one day to show their significant others that they truly do care about them? Isn’t marriage enough? Isn’t being in a relationship with that person enough? There comes a point where enough really is enough.

“It’s a greeting card holiday, it only means something if you have a significant other,” senior Michael Eller states. “It’s just an excuse to be romantic.” Valentine’s Day is not a holiday that every person can celebrate. Christmas, can be celebrated by every single Christian or Catholic, regardless of whether or not significant others are in the picture. Chanukah, a holiday for every Jewish man and woman. Birthdays, everybody was born, so everybody has a birthday to celebrate! New Years…well every year is a new year. The fact of the matter is, Valentine’s Day is not for everybody, and senior Josh Mclenachen agrees, “I think if you’re single it’s a depressing holiday, but if you aren’t then it’s one of your favorites.”

Men aren’t the only people who don’t take the mush and gush of Valentine’s Day seriously. “I think it’s dumb…it’s like a pointless holiday,” junior Erin Strunz explains. Junior Dayna Patty is also on the same page, “It’s a waste of a day, and the presents are stupid.” Valentine’s Day is an over-hyped, over-commercialized, industry driven holiday that has no life changing effect whatsoever. Commercials and advertisements use their sneaky tactics to make people feel guilty, implying that showing affection for someone includes purchasing a nonsensical item.

Valentine’s Day is pointless and expensive…so save your money and buy the half off box of chocolates on February 15.


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