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Gay Marriage: a Battle between Love and Faith

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When gay marriage was legalized in the United States on June 24, it resulted in an array of feelings across the country. Republicans approached the Supreme court’s decision with judgmental comments and harsh criticism. This brought more public attention to the future of gay couples in a republican dominated nation and how it might lead to the persecution of homosexuals’ natural right if republicans won the presidential elections of 2016.

Supporters of gay marriage marched in the streets in thousands, repeating slogans like “Love is for all” and “It is time for equality.” On the other hand, republicans frowned and had slogans along the lines of “ The darkest 24 hours in our nation’s history.”

 “ Marriage is between a man and a woman. No court should be able to change that,” stated republican candidate Ted Cruz. The Torah, Bible, Qur’an, and other holy books stand against gay marriage in the story of the city of Sodom and their punishment for committing homosexuality. In the story, God sent his prophet Lot to The city of Sodom calling them out of their sins in sexual orientations with same the same sex, when they did not oblige God sent burning rocks on them and destroyed their city.  

  “I am sure that God believes that love is greater than discrimination” responded Christina Serafin to this statement. Serafin is a junior and  the president of the LGBTQ+ club at Valhalla High School.  Members of the club agree with her, some even stated that they go to the church occasionally and they are strong believers in God and his message. A person’s sexual preference is not an obstacle in the face of religious values, neither it is a danger on the godly balance of this world.    

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People of stricter religions like Islam and Catholicism have more difficulty coming out and exposing their real sexuality in fear of the harsh consequences. “ There is still a lot of bullying and discrimination against gays just because of their sexual preference” stated Serafin.  The gay community is strong and supportive, yet it stands almost powerless in the face of discrimination and public laws.

The acceptance of homosexuals is not just a law to be passed, it is to educate people and fix people’s mindset. Religion should never be an excuse to discriminate, it should be the reason people get closer for their shared faith. God would rather look at the earth in peace, than to see the destructions humankind have caused to the world.

“We are here no matter what they say or do, we are just normal humans and we want our basic rights” stated Serafin, despite all the discrimination and harsh judgment. Legalizing gay marriage is the first step into a world that accepts humans for their humanity, not their color, gender, or sexuality.

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Daniah Kareem is a junior staff writer at Valhalla High School
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