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Valhalla Grounded

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Valhalla Grounds was Valhalla’s very own, and very popular, coffee shop.  Senior ASB member Allison Peck came up with the idea for the school run coffee shop, and has worked with Madison Becker for the past few years running the shop. Valhalla Grounds was an amazing source of income for our school’s ASB, and was a great service for any students staying up long nights studying for their AP classes. Due to the new renovations in the main school building, and with coffee and tea being removed from the allowed lists of foods and beverages to be sold  in schools, Valhalla Grounds has shut down.

Photo by Nicholas Van Orden

“Nearly 75% of american kids and teens consume caffeine daily,” said Steven Reinberg at . Students will still be drinking coffee whether or not it is allowed to be sold at school. But now, instead of paying a dollar for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate; students will be paying five dollars for the same drinks at Starbucks.

“I’m very mad because it is my way of getting a head start on the day, and now that they are not here I have to get more expensive coffee before school,” said dissatisfied sophomore Kelsy Rafferty. All this prohibition does is make it harder and more expensive for students like Kelsey to get coffee, and takes away a great source of funding from the school in order for kids to live a “healthier” life.

This year, with the new renovations, Valhalla grounds would not have been able to perform to the best of it’s abilities. “I’m sad that it shut down, obviously, cause so much work got put into it. But I’m also kinda relieved, this school year  it wasn’t gonna be the level it was in the main building,” said senior Allison Peck. The food and drinks would not be in the best conditions outside and many students would have a hard time trying to find Valhalla Grounds.

Madison Becker, the Valhalla Grounds barista, is heart broken about the shutdown. “I worked on it the whole year and I made a lot of improvements on it working with Allison,”  Madison said. Madison and Allison have been hard at work this past year trying to make this coffee shop its best, and hope that they will be able to see Valhalla Grounds reopen in the future.

Although caffeine has negative effects on teens, it is still a helpful tool for teens to use in school. Caffeine has been known to reduce fatigue and increase memory recollection in teens. This allows teens to be a lot more focused on their work in school and keeps them alert in their classes. Coffee and tea also have a positive effects, because getting these drinks outside of school is a form of socially interacting. Instead of these kids meeting up to smoke or drink they can meet up and enjoy coffee or tea. (

Valhalla Grounds brought in a lot of funding for ASB, because of its shut down Valhalla is now losing a great amount of funding. The new question raised is, how will Valhalla be able to create a new , and successful way of funding like Valhalla Grounds?


Photo by Nicholas Van Orden

Our Californian state legislators decided to make coffee and other caffeinated beverages prohibited to be sold at school. “It was not a decision that was made on this campus, it was a decision that was made for us,” said Jonathan Owens. He wants students to know that no staff member is to blame for the shutdown, of Valhalla Grounds. “It’s not like they say you can’t sell coffee, it’s not allowable on the allowable list,” Jonathan Owens states, if we can make a campaign to get coffee back on this list Valhalla Grounds can reopen.

The benefits of caffeine in schools far outweigh the negative affects. Valhalla Grounds should hopefully reopen so Valhalla students can enjoy their morning coffee and tea again.



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