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Real Life Family Feuds

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Our teenage years are filled with stress, hormones, and more stress. To get through the “best years of our life,” teenagers go through many challenges. From academics, to sports, to drama, stress levels are high during our teenage years. The added pressure of high school and the looming threat of college, keep most students on edge. This leads to massive battles at home, with siblings and even parents.

As an only child, I find myself constantly at odds with my parents over the littlest things. Being a teenager, I believe that I am right, since my sixteen years of experience obviously surpasses that of my parents (whose ages shall not be mentioned).

Most teenagers think they know everything. Maybe it’s because of the large list of academic classes we take or maybe it’s the fact that we can Google anything we want to know.

To be honest, I know that I am wrong most of the time (yet I would never admit that to my parents). It’s a phase we all go through. We think we know what’s best, because “all our friends are doing it” or it’s “what’s cool.”

Our parents are only trying to protect us. They know that going to “the party” is not a good idea. Their famous last words, “would you jump off a cliff if all your friends did it,” reminds us that we are not followers, we are all our own person. Our parents are looking out for us, keeping our best interest at heart.


A mother and her teenage daughter argue.

“I understand that my parent say no to protect me,” Lauren O’Neill said, “yet    it is hard when all of my friends parents let them.”

As the pressure and stress builds, I find that more arguments occur with my parents. The pressure is too much for our developing minds, causing us to lash out. However, we can not lash out at our friends. Instead we pick on the ones who love us unconditionally, our parents. The little things they do begin to bother us. Them asking about our day sends us over the edge. It’s not really them asking that bothers us, it’s having to recall the stressful day. We do not want to acknowledge the fact that we failed a test we studied all night for, or that our best friend ignored us all day.

“During AP testing, we all get really stressed out,” Emily Nishikawa said. “As the pressure and stress build, I find that it is easy to lash out at my parents for stupid things,” Nishikawa continues.

Maybe it’s time we recognize all our parents do for us. They provide food, shelter, clothing, and emotional support. They give us an opportunity to become educated, and may even be financing most of our college education. They have always been there. From the day we were born, they have been our biggest supporters.

I am not saying that fighting with parents is wrong, it’s a thing all teenagers go through. It would go against nature not to go against our parents sometimes, it is just a part of growing up. However, next time you lash out, try and remember all they do for you.

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