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ASB Executive Council Results

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Left: Katie Gatus. Right: Lauren McKim. Photo courtesy of: Diana Naamo.

The 2015-2016 ASB executive council elections recently took place. The results were senior Stephanie Marcos as president, senior Mitchell Castro as vice president, senior Katie Gatus as secretary, and senior Lauren McKim as treasurer. Posters were made and hung around the school to encourage students to vote electronically on Tallyspace. Any underclassmen could run for these roles but it ended up being filled by seniors.

As ASB executive president, Marcos plans to do more to inform the students on school events. “They feel like they aren’t really informed about our events so I want to find new ways to inform them through social media and not just posters,” Marcos said. “I want to find other ways where we can just make everyone more united as a school.”

Marcos also plans to help the school see the positive aspects of the reconstruction. “We’re going to find a way to incorporate the whole construction theme within the school to get more people to see the brighter side of construction,” Marcos said.


Left: Stephanie Marcos. Right: Mitchell Castro. Photo courtesy of: Diana Naamo.

Vice President Castro is optimistic about the new construction that will take place and plans to help keep students excited about the school year. “I’m excited for next year. I mean we’re going to be out in portables. Obviously, construction will be going on. I don’t want to say it’s going to suck because it’s not and we’re going to make the most of it,” Castro said.

Aside from all of their other extracurricular activities, the executive council has many responsibilities that Norsemen may not realize are a big part of the council’s positions. “I’m in charge of passing all the POs and checks to make sure all the clubs and all the teachers and sports and all the organizations are spending their money properly,” McKim said.

McKim is also president of the pink ribbon club and is currently the treasurer of the junior class which helps her feel prepared for her rigorous job next year. “I’ve been doing all the finance and I’m always in the finance office so I feel like I’m used to it,” McKim said.

Gatus is the secretary for the executive council. As secretary, her job is to help out during class. “I am in charge of grades and I just help out with whatever else is needed,” Gatus said.

She was previously the sophomore secretary and is currently the junior secretary. “It will be fun, like an even bigger leadership role,” Gatus said.

Overall, the council is determined to make students’ time in the portables fun and they hope to encourage students to look on the bright side of the construction.  Norsemen will be able to enjoy a new school. They will also put more effort into informing students about school events so everyone has the opportunity to participate and make the most of their four years as Valhalla Norsemen.

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