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Twitter Sues U.S. Government

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The Twitter logo. Photo courtesy of

The Twitter logo.
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Recently the social media giant, Twitter, sued the U.S. Government for restricting them from publishing information on national security letters, stating that this violates the First Amendment.

Twice a year, Twitter releases a transparency report that allows users to view the amount of information requests made by the government amongst other things. Twitter wants to also release the amount of requests made by the government for national security related orders in specific categories.

Twitter VP Ben Lee believes that it is part of the company’s First Amendment to respond to user concerns and statements from U.S. government officials by releasing information on U.S. surveillance.

Twitter has the right under the First Amendment to release information in a meaningful way. If the company believes that their users want information on certain issues, they should have the right to publish the facts.

The U.S. government is trying to justify the restriction of the company’s right due to fear of how the people might react to the situation. However, it is also the people’s right to know this information and voice their opinion on their stance towards the issue.

The Justice Department is hiding information from the public through prior restraint but if the community desires to know and understand certain things, they have every right.

There are simply too many laws enforcing secrecy from the average citizen to consider the First Amendment in effect right now.

The First Amendment.  Photo courtesy of

The First Amendment.
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