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Girls Basketball vs Grossmont Face Defeat

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On Friday, February 5 in the Thunder Dome, students gathered as girls basketball faced rival Grossmont High School. By the end of the game, the Lady Norsemen had been devastated by their three point loss, 32-35.

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The first quarter was the slowest of the game because nobody scored during the first five minutes. The Lady Norsemen struggled to score any points because of the strenuous defense the Hillers were running. Many shots were taken by both teams, but neither of them could find a way to get the ball into the basket. With both teams combined, out of the 30 shots taken in the first quarter, only 4 made its way in the net. The first quarter had ended 2-8, in favor of Grossmont.

Within the second quarter, the Norsemen pumped up their game. They went on an 11 point run, only allowing the opposing team to put up 5 points. At one point, they were tied at 13 points. Their 11 point run was caused by Grossmont’s careless turnovers and Valhalla’s ability to make their layups. However, at halftime, the Hillers were still leading, 19-15.

Starting off the third quarter, Valhalla continued the streak they started in the second, taking the lead by 2 points after 3 minutes. Both teams fought hard this quarter to try and take the lead, but unfortunately ended the quarter with a tie at 24 points each.

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In the fourth quarter, the ball went back and forth for the remainder of the game. By the 3:04 mark, the Norsemen took the lead, 28-29. At each possession, each team scored points, leaving it tied with about a minute left in the game. Grossmont had taken the lead with a power layup, with 22 seconds to go, the score being 32-34. Valhalla had some shooting opportunities within these 22 seconds, but could not get the basketball to fall through the hoop. In the last 12 seconds, the Norsemen had tried fouling the players to save time, but unfortunately the Hillers scored a free throw, making it harder for the Norsemen to make a comeback. The game ended 32-35, and the Norsemen were clearly disappointed to watch this game fall out of their hands.

The lady Norsemen have a CIF game on Tuesday, February 23 against Southwest San Diego High School in the Thunder Dome at 7:00.


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