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Freshmen Seeking Out Success Week

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During December 14th-17th, Valhalla hosted a week of  success and support for our freshmen. The majority of the Freshmen class is performing poorly in a high number of classes. Counseling hosted a week-long series of activities related to college, social/emotional issues, and academic planning to support freshmen. Valhalla was even able host a famous guest speaker, Ryan Lindley, who was from our hometown, San Diego.

“Freshmen year is important if you want to graduate high school,” said Tanya Bullette,Valhalla counselor, “and we want to extend that message out to the Freshmen to engage them more in school.”

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Photo Courtesy: Rose Abdal

image1The first day, December 14th, counselors attended the ninth graders history classes to speak to them about future college and career plans. It was also ninth grade student’s parent night, where they received information to help their child succeed to the best of their abilities.

The next two days counselors had two different types of programs to take place during the freshman’s P.E classes. On Tuesday a talk about Academics to Freshman was held. They spoke to them about their Academic planning for succession in their high school careers and beyond.

On Wednesday, a more personal activity was taken place. Students went through emotional and social scenarios with their classmates, and learned about how maintaining good grades and attitude really could affect your life.

Freshmen,Surella Shamon said, “this week opened my eyes to how serious school can be. I know now that I should be more attentive to my grades.”

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Photo Courtesy: Rose Abdal

On the last day, December eighteenth, Valhalla was fortunate enough to host guest speaker Ryan Lindley. Ryan Lindley attended El Captain, and went to college at SDSU, to finally find himself present day playing in the NFL. He related to personal experiences of his own high school career to support his effort in showing the Freshman how important maintaining grades are. Ryan Lindley told the students about his time in school maintaining grades with a sport, but how the effort all payed off for him, allowing him to work for the NFL and achieve a Bachelor’s degree.

“Every decision we make impacts our life,” said Ryan Lindley,” so you need to make decisions to give you more options to succeed.”

Counselors hope that this week-long effort with the Freshmen work out, wishing for promising results to come out and aid them in their future life ahead.


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