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Football Home Game vs. Grossmont

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Photo courtesy of Ryan Schuler via Instagram

On Friday, November 6, Valhalla’s varsity football played Grossmont High School at home.  The Norsemen came out victorious with a final score of 32-21.

The Norsemen lost the coin toss and received the kickoff first.  Valhalla caught the ball and ran it to the 35 yard line before being tackled.

With a 1:05 left in the first quarter the first touchdown was scored by VHS, yet missed the field goal.  At the 40 yard line with 20 seconds left in the first quarter senior Jordan Ellis ran the ball into the endzone and scored another touchdown for Valhalla.  By the end of the first quarter Valhalla was in the lead with 12-0.

Photo credits to KUSI PPR

In the second quarter Grossmont, despite being down 12 points, battled hard and scored their first touchdown of the game with 7:38 left in the quarter.  Both teams’ defensive lines proved to be well-matched through the rest of the quarter, with a score of 12-7 at the end of the first half this proved to be anyone’s game.

In the third quarter both Valhalla and Grossmont managed a touchdown.  As the third quarter ended the score was 18-13, Valhalla.

In the fourth quarter Valhalla’s offensive line pushed themselves and managed to gain two more touchdowns.  Valhalla’s defensive line held Grossmont back, only allowing one touchdown for the opposing team.  Their touchdown resulted in 8 points rather than the normal 7 due to Grossmont’s successful 2-point conversion.

photo credits to KUSI PPR

photo credits to KUSI PPR

Despite the referees’ frequent penalties, which the spirit section held a clear disdain for as seen through their creative cheers of, “Are you blind?” and, “You can’t do that,” Valhalla’s football team battled hard and came out on top with a win of 32-21.  This was the last league home game.

The next game will be the CIF’s on November 20.

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